2 Tons 2t Lithium Battery Electric Forklift


2 tons electric forklift 

Lithium battery 

Zero emission 

In the cold chain environment, the forklift needs to work normally in the environment of minus 30 degrees to 50 degrees above zero, which requires extremely high environmental compatibility of new energy forklift batteries, including raw materials, batteries, molds Group structure, overall process, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the precautions of lithium battery forklifts according to the industry.


Lithium battery forklifts use unconventional vehicle fuels as power sources (or use conventional vehicle fuels and new vehicle power units), integrate advanced technologies in vehicle power control and driving, and form advanced technical principles with new features. Technology, new structure forklift.


During the driving process, in addition to complying with various driving regulations, the forklift driver must wear a mask, which can not only isolate the gas during the starting process of the forklift (of course, the lithium battery forklift is electric, so the raw material itself has no taste); it can also isolate the handling Product dust generated during operation, etc.


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