SOCMA 2.5tons 2.5t Lithium Electric Forklift


SOCMA 2.5tons 2.5t lithium battery electric forklift Rated load 2.5 tons Various attachment available

SOCMA 2.5tons 2.5t lithium electric forklift

Advantage of lithium battery electric forklift VS.  lead acid electric forklift 


1. The advantage is that lithium batteries do not need water, and under normal use, they do not need maintenance. Without the link of adding water and acid to lead-acid battery, the workload is greatly reduced, and the labor cost and material cost are saved;


2. Lithium batteries can be quickly charged and discharged, and can be quickly recharged during breaks and meals, so as to extend the effective working time and improve the utilization rate. That is, the same rent a day, than lead-acid batteries can dry several hours or even double the time;


3. There is no pollution, which can meet the requirements of more use scenarios, expand the application business field and increase more business opportunities;

4. There is no need to add water and acid, which improves the working environment and improves the satisfaction of staff;


5. Low temperature performance is significantly better than lead-acid batteries, and lithium batteries are more suitable for use in the north or cold storage;


6. The service life is long. Generally, the service life of lithium battery is 3-5 times that of lead-acid battery. A higher service life means lower service cost. In addition, the saved salary and material costs of maintenance personnel are even more considerable.

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