SOCMA 30ton forklift with container spreader case show

Working Scenes: Nestle Philippines CDO factory logistic center. 

This factory is one of biggest factories of Nestle in South-east Asia. Its logistic is operated and maintained by a famous local logistic contractor. This factor imports coffee nut in 20` container and ship out finished products in 40` container. Since the output capacity of is so big , It has a big area to put transfer containers and uses forklifts to stack containers. Also, it uses forklift to load and unload  container from truck trailer. 


Customer Feedback:

Operator: Easy to operate, High efficiency to shift spreader and forks.

Low failure rate and low maintenance cost

Logistic Manager: It moves  more fast and flexibly  then reach stacker while cost is cheaper than reach stacker. It is very suitable their working conditions: to stack no more than 3stage containers and load and unload from truck trailer. 


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